Honey Tree Apiaries is a small honey bee farm located at the base of the Coast Range Mountains in Alpine, Oregon. We raise honey bees for honey production and pollination. Bees brought to the Willamette Valley pollinate crops such as cherries, blueberries, meadow foam, pumpkin, cabbage or radish. These crops produce distinct "varietal" honeys. Bees are also be brought to the coast range to produce light blackberry honey, or they may stay in the valley to produce a darker wildflower honey.


Honey Tree Apiaries produces and sells unique honey at the Corvallis Farmers Market and from our home location in Alpine. Bees are available for pollination in lots of twenty or more. Honey Tree Apiaries removes unwanted bee swarms and hives from properties and structures.

Current News

Beekeepers Ask EPA to Remove Pesticide Linked to Colony Collapse Disorder, Citing Leaked Agency Memo

Pesticide Already Illegal in Germany, Italy & France Based on Scientific Findings

SAN FRANCISCO and WASHINGTON, D.C. – Beekeepers and environmentalists today called on EPA to remove a pesticide linked to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), citing a leaked EPA memo that discloses a critically flawed scientific support study. The November 2nd memo identifies a core study underpinning the registration of the insecticide clothianidin as unsound after EPA quietly re-evaluated the pesticide just as it was getting ready to allow a further expansion of its use.

Heather Pilatic, Pesticide Action Network
cell: 415.694.8596

Jay Feldman, Beyond Pesticides
202.543.5450, ext 15

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